Melodic Death Metal from Southern California's Coachella Valley. 
Rc Torres - Guitar
Joe Lynn - Vocals
Justin Cira - Drums
Woody - Bass 

From Ex-Remnants of Man members Rc Torres (Guitar) and Joe Lynn (Vocals), with In The Name Of The Dead’s Justin Cira (Drums) and Woody  (Bass) - comes a melodic death metal tour de force reminiscent of Sweden’s 'Gothenburg style' with just enough American metal flare to keep it original sounding and catchy.

Call Upon Your Gods showcases Rc's heavy metal riffs, lead guitar melodies & and the unique lyrics and death metal vocals of Joe Lynn - all of which is tied together by Justin Cira’s pulse pounding beats and Woodys soaring basslines! A culminating sound of genre defying music stamped by veteran metal musicians from the Coachella Valley.